Wait, what?
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I lose my shit every time I see this

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'a fuckin grende rogers are you shittin me right now'

based on this

caffeine fueled morning doodles lets do this

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bucky learning about all the dangerous shit steve’s done, and doing that thing where he’s furious but he can’t yell at him because there are people around, so he keeps saying “oh really” with increasing hostility

"you got into a brawl with a god? oh really?" *purses his lips*

"you jump out of airplanes without a chute? oh really?” *narrows his eyes* 

"you flew a plane into the ocean? oh really?” *glass shatters in his hand*

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Mom French braided my mohawk. ♥


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"Earth’s Mightiest Heroes" type thing.
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I never thought I would be a person with an FAQ until I did start to get the same questions every single day, so here we are, a mass post about journals, to answer every single question I’ve ever received…


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Who wants to bet Steve shows up at Sam’s house halfway through Age of Ultron like “I’m SO sorry for doing this to you again” while the whole Avengers team stands behind him, shuffling their feet and looking liked kicked puppies. 

And Sam just goes, “I don’t have enough OJ for you all,” as he sighs and lets them file into his house. 

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